Our aim is to be your wellness partner offering, tailored treatments, advice and guidance for enhanced wellbeing.

We believe that truly effective wellness therapies require mutual understanding and chemistry. To begin, we will invite you for an initial wellness consultation with our qualified reflexologist and holistic therapist where we can get to know each other and discuss your wellbeing needs. This will enable you to feel completely comfortable with your treatment and us to tailor your treatment to maximise results. Our approach is centred around the changes and challenges women experience during the different phases of their lives.


Women's wellness

Our holistic treatments can help maintain and improve day-to-day wellbeing for all women. We offer a non-invasive and safe way to help stimulate the body’s own natural healing systems. We can help you address menopausal symptoms, insomnia, headaches, pain relief, boost the immune system, stress, mild depression, anxiety, joint pain, circulation, or just relax and unwind. Our holistic healing approach can have an impact on imbalances, making us aware that changes must be made physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically – helping enrich and restore balance and wellbeing on all levels and promoting a better quality of life.


Maternity wellness

Having the support of a reflexologist specifically trained in maternity reflexology techniques can be beneficial from pre-conception to pregnancy and during post-natal period for both you and your baby’s wellbeing. Reflexology throughout the second and third trimester of your pregnancy can help address sciatica, insomnia, heartburn, oedema, constipation, anxiety and help prepare you for your labour. Up until 32 weeks, monthly reflexology is advisable and then you might consider having fortnightly treatments to help prepare you for your labour. After baby is born it is also beneficial in helping breastfeeding problems, backache, lack of energy and anxiety.


Baby wellness

Light Touch baby and toddler reflexology, taught by a qualified reflexologist, can be very beneficial and rewarding for both mother and child as babies begin to learn and explore. It provides a wonderful bonding experience and can also help improve the ability to breast-feed. The rewards are not just restricted to babies, it can be beneficial to toddlers and infants through to teenage years. For toddlers we incorporate nursery rhymes and hand reflexology, even the most active of children will benefit. It can improve concentration, the ability to relax, help improve their self-confidence and can offer relief from every day ailments such as tummy aches, anxiety and sleep disturbances.


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