Let us take you on a journey to inner peace and total relaxation...

How we feel is a reflection of what is going on inside.

Recognising the need for women to address health issues throughout the different chapters in their lives, we focus on women’s health & beauty, wellness and Light Touch Baby Reflexology tuition in Hampshire. 

At miniSoles&MORE we offer a personalised experience with a range of pampering, complementary and holistic therapies using 100% organic oils of the purest form with the emphasis on relaxation.

A safe haven of peaceful seclusion to focus purely on you.

Nestled on the edge of the National Park in the New Forest just one mile from the pretty Georgian town of Lymington, our retreat embodies our ethos for a tranquil and nurturing experience as you are immersed in a complete holistic wellbeing environment.

You will receive the very best care and attention. You will never be hurried, allowing time to relax and de-stress as you retreat from the outside world.


Hello and welcome...

Jacqui is a a highly experienced holistic therapist, reflexologist and founder of miniSoles&MORE. 

Inspired by my own personal journey when 16 years ago, on the recommendation of a friend, I turned to holistic treatments to help with a serious back injury.

It had a huge impact on my life and I still continue to have holistic treatments to help with many aspects of my life.

This has inspired my passion to make a difference to the lives of women, by offering luxury bespoke therapies, combined with years of knowledge and experience, enabling my understanding and desire to empower and help others.  

Jacqui – Qualified reflexologist and holistic therapist

Jacqui – Qualified reflexologist and holistic therapist


So in 2000 my journey began…

I enrolled on a course in beauty and qualified in levels 2 and 3, part of which was aromatherapy. It was then that I realised my interest was not in beauty but in holistic therapies. 

When I qualified in reflexology, I knew this had been the right decision.

During my training, part of learning was to practice on each other. I soon realised I was sleeping better, more relaxed and content, certain symptoms had subsided and in some cases gone completely. Other students reported similar stories and I found I was more in tune with what was going on inside. I continue to learn even to this day and love seeing the positive effect it has on my clients. 

I am also qualified  in:

Reflexology lymphatic drainage (RLD)
ART (Advanced Reflexology Techniques)
Facial reflexology
Maternity reflexology
Baby reflexology tuition for parents and babies
Reiki to Master level
Lava shell massage
Thai foot massage
Hopi ear candling
Balinese & bamboo massage
TFT alg  
Shrinking Violet body wrap
Indian head massage
Hand reflexology  
Ayurvedic facelift massage
CACI non surgical facelift and Galvanic facials

I strive to provide every client with the same level of care, compassion and high standard of treatments that I received 16 years ago that had such a profound impact on my life.

Clients enjoy the calming physical effects, increased energy, focus, ability to help combat illness, relief from aches and pains and boosted motivation and productivity.

My own holistic therapy practice is based in a purpose built wellness retreat. My areas of speciality are focused on offering wellness to women, mums and babies.

I have been privileged in my 16 years of working as a holistic therapist, to have helped many women embark on their journey of transformation.

I look forward to helping many more in the future.

My aim is simple, to help you be the best version of yourself you can be. Learn to manage stress, re-energise, raise self esteem, re-kindle your passion for life, help alleviate many day to day ailments.